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Bringing the 1950s to a

New Generation of Readers

By Betty Inman Shortt

The world started for my twin sister and me on a dairy farm in Sparta, MO.

Opportunities for adventure were all around us. We made outside playhouses using limbs and sticks that had fallen from trees to define our space. As this was before recycling was a concept, many people threw their empty bottles, broken 
cups and plates into ditches on their property. They were later covered with dirt: our own little landfills. Before they were covered, they were treasure-troves for two little girls. I can’t even imagine how many hours we spent playing in our pretend kitchens.

We also explored the woods on the back of our farm. Swinging on grape vines was one of our favorite things to do. They often broke, but that didn’t stop us from trying the next one.                                                                                  

Looking for interesting rocks brought us to a small cave near the back of our land. It was not large, but had a little stream running out of it. There we found snails, crawdads, and other small creatures. It was a delightful place.

Our wonderful and protective parents didn’t worry about us being gone for quite some time. It was the fifties. Life was safe and innocent. A baby could have been left on a street in Sparta, and someone would have made sure it was safely returned to its parents. 


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​​Betty Inman Shortt - Author


Joyce Greenly may be retired, but her old profession of fighting crime is still alive and kicking. Joyce's soynky personality thrives on chasing down bad guys - with or without the police. 

Humor and horror collide in a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns in this thriller mystery.